Caught Undercover is almost with us and to prepare you for what's in store, I thought I'd write a little bit about my thought process for this YA adventure and crime novel that touches on friendship, love and family. 

I first wrote Caught Undercover when I was in school and I noticed how so many classmates of mine struggle to read. It's because, as young people, we've grown up in a world full of social interaction and technology, where picking up a book seems outdated and 'not cool'. Not to mention, it's hard to focus when your phone is right beside you, pinging away with notifications. So, I decided to do something about it. After school, I'd rush home, open my barely working laptop and begin writing a story that I hoped my classmates would enjoy reading. I wanted the book to include very basic language, that teenagers would find easy to read, alongside a fast-paced plot which will help them begin their book-loving journey. The book touches on important aspects such as bullying, school, family and growing up. Let's get more teens reading and most importantly, let's make sure they enjoy it so that they keep reading in the future.