Magical classes are assigned by the unique talent one possesses. From shape-shifting, to time travel. Find out more about the Classes of Magic below.

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Slayers are the most rare type of class and usually the most powerful have the Slayer talent. This includes most former royalty Cloaks, but also Ikena Ralliday, savour of the Final War. Slayers are not limited to one talent, and instead are able to possess multiple. For example, a Slayer could have a combination of Healer and Objector talents, or a combination of all the six others.

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Descendants are also rare, however more common than Slayers. Descendants have the ability to manipulate and control objects around them, such as moving an object without touching it. Descendants serve as Commanders and Generals in the Cloak army, as their magic is deemed the most useful in battle.

Shifters are able to morph into the body of other living beings. For example, a human could shift into a wolf, or even a dragon. Shifters are also rare, even more rare than Descendants, but they are also seen as a liability. It is the most difficult class to master and one can often find themselves stuck in the form they have morphed into without training.

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Elementals are the most common class and have the ability to control the elements, including light and dark. Elementals are only able to control one type of element, and are not able to possess multiple. They are able to conjure that element out of thin air, and can wield it in many ways. They can also manipulate that element.

Objectors are able to mould and create objects from materials. For example, an objector can quite easily make a cabinet if they have a chunk of wood in front of them. Objectors mostly keep to themselves and are rarely seen outside of their workrooms. They are important because they make the armour and weapons wielded in battles.

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Time Warpers have the ability to see and control aspects of time and reality. They are able to travel to places they have physically visited, and are able to see the past, present or future. They are mostly used in the army for vision-seeking and transportation, they sit atop carriages and take Cloaks on various assignments.

Healers are the most useful and prioritised in battle. They have the ability to stabilise and mend wounds but are unable to bring someone back from the dead. They are able to feel and control the particles in others. For example, if someone has a cut, they are able to feel and force the skin particles back together.