August Writing Update: A New Project

I’ve decided to start monthly writing updates where you can read about what I’m currently working on, how I’m developing characters, where my inspiration comes from and more!

Well I have certainly been busy for the past two weeks on something I’d absolutely love to share with you. As you know, I have a crime novel coming out (date TBC) which is being published by Austin Macauley publishers. Whilst I wait for editors, designers and the general makings of what goes into publishing a book, I thought why not use the time to write a second novel, and that’s just what I did.

I have always had a deep love for young adult, fantasy books and enjoy reading these myself, finding that I can completely imagine myself in the very world in which I’m reading. So, one day I was sitting with my boyfriend and the idea came to me, I wanted to write a book about magic, in a made up land where there is a constant, ongoing war between good and evil magicians. It has been just under two weeks of writing everyday, for the most part of the day, and I’ve found myself having finished the novel at just shy of 70,000 words, which I’m hoping to expand as I edit.

Right now, I’m in the editing process, which I like to do after I’ve written the first draft. Then, after editing I’ll go through the pages and focus on improving things such as world-building, character development, a love interest or anything I feel is worth expanding on. After I’ve completed those processes, I’ll then go through the work again, editing once more before I send to beta readers. I’ll edit after I’ve received feedback and change anything well suggested, before sending query letters to agents. What a process!

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