How to market your book BEFORE its release

Updated: May 24, 2020

One of an authors biggest mistakes is not marketing their book soon enough. Yes, your book may not be out yet, but that doesn't mean you can't gain a following and fan base around the story. In this post, you'll find tips on how to market your book before it's timely release date.

Get your Social Media in order

Tip number one, is to make sure you have social media across relevant platform such as Twitter and Facebook. This should be done at least six to twelve months BEFORE your books release date. Use this opportunity to connect with other authors and spread the word that you will be releasing your novel in the year to come.

Pro Tip: Use Twitter to introduce yourself to the #WritingCommunity. Click here for an example.

Create your Author Website

Once you've got a small social following, you should then focus on creating an appealing author website where you will eventually showcase your work. To start, begin by creating a home page, blog, email sign up and contact bar, alongside an author bio. Nearer your books release date, you can then add a pre-order link and media kit to your website.

Pro Tip: I've found the easiest website builder to use.

Focus on Building your Blog

Your blog is what you'll use to promote your book, latest news, updates on your work, excerpts from your book or giveaways and contents. It also gives visitors a reason to sign up to your email subscriptions, so they'll never miss a blog post.

Create Teasers for your Social Media

Teasers can be used to excite your audience, they can look like this:

A teaser should include the book cover, a roundel (see the orange circle), and a short paragraph containing release date information, a quote from your book, or a short synopsis.

Pro Tip: Use to create teasers, it's free to use and you can use templates for each social media.

Partner with other Authors

Once you're nearing the release date and you've got a few teasers ready to share, get in touch with an author you've connected with and ask if they'd share your teaser on their profile. You can also ask to guest post on author's blogs and subtly promote your book at the end of the article.

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