July Book Recommendations

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Welcome to the Book Recommendations club! I've gathered some fantastic reads for July from some great authors, who I'm sure wouldn't mind you checking out their book pages!

Enough of my babble, show me the books!

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The Girl Who Dared To Think by Bella Forrest

A gargantuan glass-walled tower looms over a deadly wilderness. They say it's all that's left.

The Tower's survival is humanity's survival, and each must serve it faithfully...

Twenty-year-old Liana Castell must be careful what she thinks. Her life is defined by the number on her wristband - a rating out of ten awarded based on her usefulness and loyalty to the Tower, and monitored by a device in her skull. A device that reports forbidden thoughts.

Liana is currently a four, the lowest possible acceptable score, and despite her parents' perfect scores of ten, she struggles to increase it. Rebellious ideas come all too easily, and resentfulness seems part of her being. She is an overseer-in-training, but her future will be dark if she cannot raise her worth...

When Liana's worst nightmare comes to pass and she drops to a three, desperation spurs her down a path few dare to tread. A chance encounter with a cocky young man whose shockingly dissident attitude toward the Tower couldn't possibly have earned him the perfect "ten" on his wrist, sets her on a trail to save herself - even at the risk of dropping lower.

In a society where free thinking can make you a criminal, one girl dares to try...

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Imposter by LJ Ross

There’s a killer inside all of us…

After an elite criminal profiling unit is shut down amidst a storm of scandal and mismanagement, only one person emerges unscathed. Forensic psychologist Doctor Alexander Gregory has a reputation for being able to step inside the darkest minds to uncover whatever secrets lie hidden there and, soon enough, he finds himself drawn into the murky world of murder investigation.

In the beautiful hills of County Mayo, Ireland, a killer is on the loose. Panic has a stranglehold on its rural community and the Garda are running out of time. Gregory has sworn to follow a quiet life but, when the call comes, can he refuse to help their desperate search for justice?

Murder and mystery are peppered with dark humour in this fast-paced thriller set amidst the spectacular Irish landscape.

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Haven Wakes: The Haven Chronicles by FI Phillips

The year is 2110. Everyone has their own robot, and magical worlds are just behind the next door… Steve Haven always thought he was just another ordinary twelve-year-old boy. Well, as ordinary as he can be given he’s the nephew of Rex Haven, founder of the Haven Robotics Corporation. But when Rex dies in mysterious circumstances and Steve is given a strange artefact known only as the Reactor, he finds out that the world he thought he knew is a lot stranger and more threatening than he ever imagined. On the run from a group of dangerous villains, Steve finds himself plunged into a hidden and dangerous magical world. With his parents missing and no one in the normal world he can trust, Steve must join with his new-found magical friends to discover the truth about the Reactor and his uncle’s death. Haven Wakes is the debut novel by Fi Phillips and the first in The Haven Chronicles, an exciting and enthralling journey through new worlds, both futuristic and magical.

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The Markings by Catherine Downen

"My frail fingers curl around the jagged rock. I press it into the stone wall and drag it up and down until a small groove forms. I drop the rock and step back, glancing over all the lines I've made. It is day 2,436 of being in this prison with my mother and younger brother."

DATHER IS AN ISLAND THAT WAS ONCE KNOWN AS OHAU. A nation that rose from the ashes after an asteroid shower has divided itself when people began to discover their unique powers. At sixteen-years-old Adaline sits in prison with her mother and younger brother, and today is Parting Day where more prisoners will be executed. After seven years of being spared, Adaline's luck has run out. But she won't go quietly or easily. Her life depends on her ability to escape the grasps of the King and find a place of freedom. Discovering her unique powers is the turning point Adaline needs to get a second chance at her freedom. In this thrilling novel of friendship, family, and secrets Adaline runs for her life and learns the truth of her past along the way.

"My brain sees him as a threat, as the enemy, a guard at the castle, but my heart feels he is a friend. The question is, which one is right?"

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My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj

'My Dear Ellie' is Aisha Urooj's debut novel and is the first in the Love & Friendship trilogy series. She is currently working on her second novel 'Eleanor's Travels' which will chronicle Ellie's once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, a extraordinary present given by her parents on her twenty-first birthday.

Read 'My Dear Ellie' to learn about the two best friends and the two extraordinary girls, Ellie and Cassie. Join them in their triumphs, their struggles, their adventures and misadventures, and most of all join them for the love and friendship shared between them growing up from little girls to young ladies.

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Lake Arcadia by Blake R. Wolfe

The small town on the southern edge of Lake Arcadia is quiet and peaceful, the perfect place to settle down and raise a family. Small businesses flourish in the summer months as the local campgrounds draw in tourists and anglers from across the state. The lake has always been one of the best natural destinations for miles around, but something has changed.

After a flood that swept through the previous year, the lake hasn't quite been the same. The fish seemed to have disappeared and strange noises can be heard floating across the water’s surface on calm nights. Nobody seemed to notice until a string of strange disappearances take place around the water. When the bodies start washing ashore the local police are quick to label them accidental drownings, but not everyone is convinced. As rumors grow, one eyewitness report from a young man goes viral and drives hordes of people to the lake in search of the 'monster' below the surface.

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Promise Me by Barbara Avon

When Daniel Walker's wife, Amy, died in a freak accident, he gave up on love. He bought Joe's Grocery & Deli, and transformed it into "The Christmas Store" to honour her, and her love of Christmas. One snowy night, a woman knocks on the door. Daniel is immediately taken with the dark-haired beauty. Bianca is in possession of a key. She traveled from Toronto to Ottawa to unravel the mystery behind the magic relic. She didn't think she would fall in love along the way. When she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, what choices will she make to preserve their love? Is Daniel her future or will she leave him in the past? Does magic have limitations? Set between 1980 and 1990, "Promise Me" is "a most unusual love story, and one you won't soon forget."

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Descent by Diana Miller

Recruited by a dark, alluring young man, she is thrust into the secret underworld of demon hierarchy where one must fight to survive.

Justin is the son of the Arch Demon, and destined to be one of the most powerful Nephilim in existence. When he stumbles upon Sera in town, it changes his life forever.

Could a touch of humanity be just what a demon needs?

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So there you have it. There's my July Book Recommendations! If you'd like your book to be featured, all you have to do is keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook.

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