May Book Recommendations

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Welcome to the Book Recommendations club! I've gathered some great reads for May from some great authors, who I'm sure wouldn't mind you checking out their book pages!

Enough of my babble, show me the books!

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The Wild Roses by D.B. Carter

Three friendships torn apart by one chance meeting.

By autumn 1984 Sharon and Pip are in their final years of school and on the verge of adulthood. Best friends for as long as they can remember, the two young women befriend their badly bullied schoolmate, Gavin. Their futures are bright until a chance meeting leads to a path of corruption, anger and malicious betrayal. Sometimes, when we can’t rely on those we love, our only hope is in the kindness of strangers.

All three teens are driven from their homes to follow very different paths. They face dark times of heartbreak and new temptations.

But there may be ways out and better futures, if they are willing to take risks. What will they choose, and will they ever see each other again? The Wild Roses is a coming-of-age drama for all ages that speaks honestly of love, loss, jealousy, coercion and self-discovery.

Click here to view The Wild Roses on Amazon.

Edge of the Breach by Halo Scott

We all become monsters at the edge of the breach. In a post-apocalyptic world where season of birth determines power — spring healers, summer mages, fall shapeshifters, and winter shields — a man and a woman emerge from tragic childhoods to lead humanity on opposite sides of an interrealm war.

There is a hole in the sky. They call it the Rift. A portal to the gods. The scar of a suffering world. Through it, the gods rule the last scraps of civilization, harkening war. As chaos beckons, two leaders emerge from the ashes of a dying planet.

Julian Kyder is the son of an abusive rape victim who compensates for his abandonment through psychopathy. Sira Rune is a cancer survivor who dedicates her life to living free and fearless while experiencing the taboo and the unorthodox. Rune is the only one unafraid of Kyder, and that terrifies him, because he only knows how to function through fear. Even though she gives him more chances than he deserves, how much violence can she forgive? When is a person beyond redemption? While he struggles to control his demons and she struggles to find purpose, the gods drag the ruined world into war.

Click here to view Edge of the Breach on Amazon.

My Mummy is a Monster by Natalie Reeves Billing

A brand new book will launch on May 5th, just in time to help struggling families communicate in the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. 'My Mummy is a Monster' is the first in the 'Monstrous Me' series created by Liverpool author Natalia Reeves-Billing. In this first book, an inquisitive little girl is convinced her mum is a monster. But, is she really? When we look through Mummy's eyes, we see a different story. The Monstrous Me Collection is a fun, multi-layered reading experience for all the family.

The books which are due to be realised tomorrow in paperback on Amazon have already caused a stir with Natalies 27K Twitter followers and have caught the attention of those like Natalie, who have found the challenges of family living in 2020 hard.

She said; "It's been a very tough time for a lot of families trying to balance working from home, home schooling, exercise, entertainment and general day to day living. A lot of parents have probably felt like monsters at one time or another over the last 6 weeks and I'm sure they've thought the same about their kids!".

Be the first to grab 'My Mummy is a Monster' on May 5th and click here to view Natalie's website.

Tears of Shattered Imaginations by Rachel Chukwu

Tears of Shattered Imaginations focuses on family, love and betrayal. Amora, a young girl who has been sexually molested and maltreated by the ones she calls family. She falls in love with her best friend Klint. But will those images she carved in her imagination every night actually come true?

Rachel Chukwu is a very talented writer with a brilliant imagination, she brings her writing to life. In Tears of Shattered Imaginations, Rachel has brought real-life issues into her work and represented them beautifully.

Click here to view Tears of Shattered Imaginations on Amazon.

Her Name Is Murder by A.C. Merkel

We have existed in the shadows of your world for all of history.

The blessed, the cursed, the mages and the witches.

Sometimes you choose to ignore us.

Sometimes we cover it up.

We keep our heads down, lest you lot make them roll.

What if you could watch history unfold? Take a ride on the Orient Express? Rock out at CBGB in its heyday? Go dancing in post prohibition Chicago? Pick berries under billions of pure starlit pinpoints in 1540s France?

Magical musician Murder LaVoe is tired of running. She’s been running for nearly 500 years. When you don’t age, people take it personally. She’s returned 30 years later to her favorite borough in New York City, hoping to finally settle down and hide her secret by taking the identities of falsified heirs. A public attempt on the life of her Rock-N-Roll alter ego, Lady Dreamscapes, and a chance meeting of subservient immortals in need, threaten to take away the life she holds so dear. Can NYPD detective Grant Noble III solve her mysteries in time to save her? Maybe it’s him that needs saving?

This all new modern fairy tale spans centuries, continents, and lives will never be the same.

Click here to view Her Name Is Murder on Amazon.

Pariahs by Julia Bennaly

In a land of monsters and soulless creatures, there is a secluded compound terrorized by a fallen demon-killer, the Grand Apwor. He's claimed its youngest occupant Vijeren as his son. The Grand Apwor can’t be killed, he can’t be escaped, and his punishments are severe and horrific. Somehow, he knows where Vijeren is at all times. When a law enforcer named Zhin appears like a living flame, a family war that's been sizzling for decades finally ignites. It drags Vijeren in, revealing secrets of a long-forgotten past and a family torn asunder in recesses of lost memories. Only Zhin knows how to kill the Grand Apwor, but the answer rests on the love between a father and son--something that Vijeren doesn’t have...

Click here to view Pariahs on Amazon.

Third Times The Charm by Robert Hall

A story of witchcraft, orphans and a dangerous search for home

Employing classic traditions and motifs of childhood fantasy, This story takes the simple premise of the orphan in search of family and love and spins a fresh and entertaining tale of family honor and witchcraft.

The fates of Sharron, Wally and Chip are bound by their family’s murky history when they find themselves united as strangers in the house of their great aunt Abadelle. Discovering their connection to an ancient witching family, they are soon practicing magic, and learning the spells they will need to save themselves and their family name.

In a spell-binding quest combining a fascination with magic, a bit of sleuthing, and the charm of adolescent antics the three young apprentices bring a unique slant to historical witch hunts.

This is the first book in the Dramsmit Childrens Mysteries. Each book will bring a new story and a new paranormal mystery for our three young witches to solve. These adventures brings together the magic of Harry Potter and the mysteries of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series to a new plateau.

Click here to view Third Times The Charm: Dramsmit Childrens Mysteries on Amazon.

Trillium by ML Holton

Insightful, compelling, engrossing and enlightening, TRILLIUM intimately portrays the intertwining evolution of three very distinct families in the wine-making region known as Niagara in the Golden Horseshoe region, Ontario, Canada. ...It all starts when 19-year-old Tom Hartford crosses over the mighty Niagara River in the 1750s ... Readers will meet Maaka, an ingenious indigenous trapper; Franco, a dirt poor Sicilian labourer; Paddy O'Sullivan, a sweet-talking Irish con-artist and sweet Cate, the Hamilton port prostitute. And that's just the beginning! All unfolds with a pair of motherless red-headed twin brothers, a diabolical hate-filled drunkard, two devoted raven-haired sisters, an obsessed land developer, hard-working Mexicans, a blind man, a handsome Italian-Canadian wine-maker, a blessed treasure trove of attentive mothers, one demented vineyard-wandering wife - and a startlingly beautiful, simpleton savant, Anna.A 250 year-old story about three families: the good, bad ... and ugly.

Click here to view Trillium on Amazon.

A Fate So Twisted by Belle Manuel

After narrowly escaping a life of servitude on the brutal Slaver's Way, 20-year-old Evolet Northwhit is saved by two servants of the king of a country she has never heard of–The Kingdom of Taya. With little options and a cruel fate awaiting her back home, she works with the massive fae to escape her wretched home, and meet their powerful elven king. When the king offers her asylum, she learns the word does not truly mean safety. When the royal family from Firen comes to Taya, Evolet must decide which is worse: being a puppet for a wicked prince or the most powerful weapon for a brutal fae queen. If she cannot choose the right evil to serve, Evolet will never know the sweet taste of freedom she has fought so long for.

Click here to view A Fate So Twisted on Amazon.

Hollis Whittaker by CB Shanahan

When ten-year-old Hollis Whittaker picks up a strange medallion he stumbled upon at the edge of a stream, he suddenly begins exhibiting signs of brilliance, even discovering the solar system's Planet X and astounding the astronomical community. The awkward, overweight fifth grader with heart problems is an instant media sensation, but all is not well.

The genius-making medallion bonds to only one person for life and the U.S. government has been searching for it since World War II, which means they're prepared to kill Hollis to acquire it so they can exploit the medallion's immense power.

After a thwarted hit job by two military agents, Hollis treks cross-country with the aid of his best friend Kirby and a Navajo woman, Cha'Risa, whose family possessed the medallion--the Nílch'i--more than seventy years ago. They are hoping Cha'Risa's aged grandfather will be able to help them. Unfortunately, the whole country believes she has kidnapped the boys, and the agents who are trying to kill Hollis have the system on their side.

Click here to view Hollis Whittaker on Amazon.

The Mistakes of The Past by Yahwedlau Onwuneme

“Make peace with the past” I hear that word frequently. Everyone tell me that it is a criterion to success and a healthy lifestyle. But I wonder how one can make peace with the past especially one with the type of my past.

My past is built on mistakes, mistakes I cannot correct nor erase either because I do not want to or simply I cannot. But they have become like a birthmark on me, an essential part of my miserable life, creating ripples that will last till the end of my days. Everything fell apart, the centre didn’t hold as they promised. I crumbled under the weight, my faith did fold and my desires overwhelmed me. The past haunts me now, the mistakes torment me. I wish to be free from them but how can I be free when I do not know how I caged myself to them? “It's all your fault”, they exclaimed, “you gave up way too sooner, you never put in your best, you should have held on much longer”.

How can I explain? Who would care enough to listen? About the mighty realms as they grasped so tightly or the dread of the night along with its torments. Maybe they would listen if I explained the mistakes of the past as they clung precisely. But neither the turmoil of the future that lurked in the darkness could understand. So why bother to bother them? I pray reading this, you can help me free myself from the mistakes of the past. That will be if it is not too late by then.

Click here to view The Mistake Of The Past on Amazon.

Eyes Of The Grave by Chelsea Callahan

When one of her would-be clients turns up dead, in the middle of Lafayette Cemetery, private detective Rebekah Devereaux must employ her unique abilities to find the killer. With one touch she can see how the living might die, and how the dead did die.

She’s never been wrong with the dead, so naturally problems arise when she touches her client’s corpse and sees herself as the killer. She doesn’t remember killing anyone, so with the help of her estranged husband; Rebekah sets off on the hunt for answers. She faces dark holes in her past and has to juggle some heavy questions about her future. Killer or not, she has to find the answers, before someone else ends up dead.

Click here to view Eyes Of The Grave on Amazon.

Mystics by Astralia Dik

There is absolute darkness. The world will end soon. No one will survive. Everything will be absorbed by Abyss. Mary is the only one who can save the whole world but she doesn't know about her destiny. She tries to find her vocation among another's life and memory but she's destined to find herself only through the soul.It's a story of Mary Bloody. The thirst for knowledge condemns her to existence in the darkest city known to all. She's trying to solve the mystery of this city and find what's hidden under absolute darkness. Later, she realizes that she is facing the most dangerous of all human enemies. What would she choose: to surrender it or to lay low and continue the search for clues, or does she have another choice?

The book is designed to help a person find happiness at every stage of his life, it proves everything can be changed at any moment, that there is no need to fear loneliness, because it is the essence of you, and it's your chief assistant. When you get to know yourself, you see the world in one piece.

Click here to view Mystics on Amazon.

Queen of Swords by Karelynn A. Spacek

Grow up to become a princess; isn't that every little girl's dream. Sure, unless that title involves tending to the sick and handling land disagreements. Then it's not as tempting. Ivyssa, Hedarian wild child and aspiring archer, has been chosen to become the next ruler of Azulyria, a prestigious role that she did not see as being in her future. Still, she makes the best of the hand dealt to her. While seeking immediate aid, she unintentionally interrupts a coming of age ritual, causing irreparable damage in her moment of distress. And a self appointed executioner has their sights on eliminating Ivysaa at all costs. In the pursuit of justice, chaos runs rampant, taking all of Azulyria with it.Decades later in present day New Mexico, Ex FBI profiler Alexandra Nealy is facing her own tragedy, one that has spurred her into dealing with ties to the past. In the search for answers, she uncovers a world of elemental powers and a book that can undo misdeeds of epic proportions. With the help of Jared, a Stone Walker whose goals align with hers, can they solve the puzzle before an unseen enemy gets in the way.

Click here to view Queen of Swords on Amazon.

Learning to Fly: A Book of Quotes by Lara Saba

Lara Saba has composed a book of quotes from her own experiences. This book covers many topics such as loss and grief, love and betrayal, self hope and improvement. Give this one a read for a sense of empowerment

Click here to view Learning to Fly: A Book of Quotes on Amazon.

Soliloquy of an Ice Queen by Lysz Flo

The inner dialogue of how this Ice Queen came to be. A fantasy themed collection of poems recounting love, lust and heartbreak. She loved once and that was the romantic tragedy that started it all. A collection of Spanish and Haitian Kreyol language poems coloring heartache into blue hues of sorrow, bitterness, healing, and hope.

Click here to view Solilquy of an Ice Queen on Amazon.

Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

Threatened by financial ruin, widowed bakery owner Catherine Mercy leads a solitary life with more interest in reading about werewolf lore than in finding a man. Her one true love disappeared after high school and her now deceased husband kept her trapped in the house claiming that a werewolf might hunt her down one day, just as her grandmother repeatedly warned her. When Hollywood interrupts the town's monotony by shooting a werewolf movie on location, Catherine's best friend Anne pushes her to audition. Already in her thirties, Catherine feels ridiculous trying to become an actress, but lands the leading role.

Catherine's daily routine turns into a hair-raising adventure as fame begins to surveil her wanderings and she falls for her sexy costar Greg Byron despite this actor's neon warning sign that flashes conceited womanizer. He's also smitten by her, but just when they are about to find happiness, a wolf bites him. Mari Hamill blends fantasy, intrigue, and passion to create a chilling, unique story.

Click here to view Werewolf Nights on Angus & Robertson.

Immortal Defiance by Laura Maybrooke

Things take a strange turn for Dulcea, the elven enchantress turned war heroine and Dragonmistress, when a countryman's betrayal lands her in enemy hands.

As she awaits her execution, a handsome stranger with mysterious powers offers her another chance at life. Will she die here or risk what sinister fate he has in store for her?

Can Dulcea reclaim her rightful place and lead her army once more? Or does Krath, the man who travels the Realm of the Dead as one of its own, prove to be the obstacle that fells her rebellion? … Or will this immortal vampire warrior turn out to be the best chance she has of defying the ancient evil arising in the west?

Click here to view Immortal Defiance on Amazon.

Alathea: Goddess & Empress by Dylan Madeley

"She despised her father’s world. Why couldn’t sorcery be true? Would that world not be better?"

Alathea was raised to rule, but the benevolent and deranged forces that hope to prepare her for the throne may create a monster. She's torn between her father's reign of empty order through terror and violence, and a magical path that could be completely illusory. She can't live one exclusive of the other, so she lives both.

Her father is bent on protecting his daughter from the same fanatics who killed her mother, but far too often his desire for revenge takes him away from her. His yearning to raise a strong and steadfast heir compromises what little time they spend together.

This tragic story touches on loss, the insatiable hunger for control, the way people live stories and narratives, the innocence and danger of dreams, the follies of love, the deep hatred and rage dwelling within people, and the dangers of using conquest to strive for peace.

Embattled by all the forces hoping to shape her to their whim, Alathea takes a piece of everything they give her and becomes something never before seen in the land. Goddess. Empress. Monster.

Click here to view Alathea: Goddess & Empress on Amazon.

Trust Me On This One, Emily by Kathryn Barnett

When Emily’s morning sickness is not eased through homeopathy, and desperate to finish writing her first novel before the birth of her child, she is persuaded by her husband Laurence to try thalidomide to ease her symptoms, blissfully unaware of the devastating effects on her unborn baby. Abandoned by Laurence, Emily flees with her baby to her parents' house on Regency Square, Brighton, where she is persuaded to follow her parents' ideas on alternative medicine. Gradually, she starts to believe that despite her son’s disability, he could still live a full life. Then, she befriends Sylvia and Chris, parents of a similarly affected daughter, and the long battle for compensation from Distillers begins.

Click here to view Trust Me On This One, Emily on Amazon.

Portents of Chaos by K.C. Julius

"... a well-plotted, smartly paced fantasy novel... The reader will keep turning pages" —The BookLife Prize 2019

Step into an epic world of sword and sorcery, intrigue and betrayal...

The realm of Drinnglennin hangs poised on the cusp of chaos, for Urlion Konigur, the High King, is dying and has yet to name an heir. Rumors abound that the Helgrins, Drinnglennin’s bitterest foes, are preparing their longboats to raid the Isle’s shores, while the roving å Livåri folk, for whom the island kingdom is the last sanctuary, are strangely disappearing. And in distant Belestar, the fabled dragons are stirring from their self-imposed exile…

Drinnglennin’s hopes lie with the wizard Morgan, who must gather together and safeguard the king’s possible heirs, all three of whom are coming of age. Yet a dangerously powerful house seeks the succession for one of their own, even if it means disrupting the fragile peace of the realm.

One thing is certain: whoever next sits on the Einhorn Throne will determine the fate not only of Drinnglennin, but of all who dwell in the Known World.

Click here to view Portents of Chaos on Amazon.

So there you have it. There's my May Book Recommendations! If you'd like your book to be featured, all you have to do is keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook.

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