October Writing Update: A Break

I’ve decided to start monthly writing updates where you can read about what I’m currently working on, how I’m developing characters, where my inspiration comes from and more!

I'll be honest, I have been rather busy this October. From starting a new job to dealing with other life occurrences, October has been quite a ride. October is actually my most favourite time of year, it's when Autumn (my favourite season) begins and it's also my birthday month! I love being able to wear thick, baggy clothes with jackets and gorgeous boots outside, and there's something about the cold air, with a hat and scarf on, as well as a hot chocolate that just makes me feel homely and cosy. Not to mention, I love Halloween a bit too much, I haven't yet been in my own apartment to do halloween properly, or gone to a halloween party (sad right?) but when I do, I will go all out! One thing I do love, and make sure I do every year, is carve a pumpkin. I've always been rather creative and there's something about carving a pumpkin, sticking a candle in it, and waiting till it gets dark that again, makes me feel homely! Is that weird?

I have done 0% of wiring this month. I don't know what's come over me! Well, tell a lie, I do. I've started a new job, so I can't write during the day time anymore, and I'm also in the agent querying stage for my YA Fantasy novel, which I'm so proud of! Querying agents is a long, long process that can stretch from months to years. Oh, how I envy those who were able to find an agent in just a few months. I've written a book I know other's will love, but the trouble is, only a very small percentage of authors get an agent, and most turn to self-publishing. I'm not against self-publishing but, in all honesty, that's not been my dream. My dream has been to traditionally publish and work with an agent and publisher to get the best marketing start on my book, as well as be involved in a professional community. I'll admit, querying has drained me. I constantly think, is my novel not good enough? Should I change it? Work on it more? Go through the beta-reading process again? It can be tough! Because I'm in this querying funk, I've also not been able to write at all and believe me I've tried! I open my laptop and word document to my work, and then find myself staring at the pages...for hours...and hours until I've had enough, close it and drown myself in comfort food, wine and tea.

On a positive note, I believe in persistence. If I keep at it, I have no doubt that I'll be able to write again. At the end of the day, I'm writing for me, because I enjoy it and I'm so proud of the story I've wrote. I'm only twenty (soon to be 21) and I've written a full novel, how many twenty-year-olds can say that?

My birthday is in a few days time (28th October for anyone who's counting) and I can't wait! I'll be sure to share pictures of my pumpkin carving, as well as my outfit for my virtual murder mystery party I'm hosting! It's a shame that I can't see my family (In the UK - London, we're not allowed to mix households) but seeing them over Zoom, dressed up in our characters is good enough for me!

My November book recommendations will be out on the 1st November and I can't wait to share some great reads I know you'll enjoy.Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter at www.melissahawkes.com/newsletter to keep updated!

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