September Writing Update: Exciting News!

I’ve decided to start monthly writing updates where you can read about what I’m currently working on, how I’m developing characters, where my inspiration comes from and more!

So much has happened in September which I can't wait to tell you about! To start, I received the first-draft of Caught Undercover's book cover. I love it, it fits my target market perfectly and it also matches the theme of my website. There are a few changes I've requested, but once I have the final design, I'll be sure to do a cover reveal in my newsletter! To find out what kind of audience Caught Undercover has been written for, click here.

In other exciting news, as you may have read in my August Writing Update, I have started working on something new! The genre is YA Fantasy and the story is set in a magical world and plays on the aspects of light and dark, good and evil and a protagonist who just wants to protect her family. In August, I spoke of how I was in the editing process and waiting for beta readers to get back to me with their feedback. I am now happy to announce that all feedback has been provided, the book has been edited and I have sent my queries to literary agents! This is the tough part, the waiting. I'm not one to sit around and do nothing, so whilst I'm waiting I'll be working on another #topsecret project. I really have poured my heart into this new book and I hope people will resonate with it and find an insightful story in my writing.

What kind of writing mood are you in right now? My writing mood changes from me being able to write pages upon pages, to me struggling to write a paragraph. It's funny how that happens, right?

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